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Homage to Mrs. E.

mileva.jpgPeople have argued about the extent to which Mileva Marić, Einstein’s first wife, contributed to his work. Some say the basic ideas for relativity came from Mileva, others say she was nothing more than a sounding board. Letters from Albert to Mileva refer to “our” theory and “our” work, and in his divorce agreement he promised her his Nobel Prize money, but did not publically acknowledge any contribution to his work.

Although she was his companion during the crucial years before his “annus mirabilis”, we may never know the extent of their collaboration. What is clear is she was passionate about him, and passionate about his (or their) ideas.
In a recent COSMIC LOG Senta Troemel-Ploetz, German linguist, author and Mileva’s staunch defender, is quoted quoting me, mentioning the “subtler issues of collaboration”.


smallshark.jpgMore from Demetra: “I was at my grandma’s and I brought clay so I could make stuff. I made a shark. It’s name was Sharkie. My grandma had a fish. So we took pictures of the fish and the shark together. Some of the pictures were really really really really really really really really really funny. The shark was dark. My grandma and me thought the fish was an ocean fish so we put salt in the water and we gave him food and then we took pictures with my aunt. The fish and my shark looked like they were chatting in one of the pictures.”


“One time during Christmas, I went to my grandma’s. Her name is Mimi. We went to see the reindeer and santa claus. The reindeer were white. So it made me want to make a reindeer out of clay. When I got home, I started to get my clay out to make the reindeer. I named the reindeer Rudolph the red nosed reindeer. I put a red nose on Rudolph and my other grandma Yiaya bought the reindeer.” Demetra

when home is a castle




Some 20 years ago, I was excited to notice a new store in my then neighborhood–the upper west side, just beginning to gentrify. I walked in filled with a sense of wonder. Even though it was clear it was a clay studio and the term “Mugi” must be a reference to the mugs in the window, I wondered what it really meant. So I asked the proprieter– who told me: “Of course part of the reason we named the store “Mugi” is because of the mugs…that people learn to make here. But the term comes from the Zen: “Mugi” refers to the struggle between the artist and their medium. Anytime the artist wants to create a work, there is the idea in the artist’s mind. But the material also has it’s own “mind” or intention of what it wants to become. The art which is created is the result of this dialogue or interaction between the artist and their medium.

Perfect 8


Penetrating Empathy” is an exhibit based on Perfect 8, a publication dedicated to the de-objectification of people by sharing visual works of artists which encourage the growth of empathy. To deconstruct the myth perpetrated in our society that people are objects and obtainable products, Perfect 8 engages viewers and readers on an empathetic level, attempting to induce curiosity as to what it would be like to experience the feelings of another. Offering an alternative to “Perfect 10” with faults, frailties, and weaknesses, Perfect 8 celebrates an unveiled humanity, one that embraces the beauty found in “faulty” qualities.



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